Ohr Avigdor Hakdama and Shaar Habechinah

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Ohr Avigdor Hakdama and Shaar Habechinah by Rabbi Avigdor Miller

The first two volumes of the amazing Ohr Avigdor series, now available as a set. In the Hakdama, learn about the mitzvos of the mind. In Shaar Habechinah, discover Hashem everywhere in the world around you.

Discover the miraculous workings of nature and the human body... explore the hidden power and potential of your own mind ... soar to new heights in tefilah, ahavas Hashem, and yiras shamayim... and uncover Hashem's unmistakable imprint on life, the world, and the Torah.

Experience Chovos Halevavos as only Rabbi Avigdor Miller could teach it! Hardcovers.

Hakdama: 191 pages

Shaar Habechinah: 412 pages