Clearance — Mussar CD sets

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Clearance — Mussar CD sets

Three CD sets from our sifrei kodesh series... for the price of one!

Retail value: $150-175 (est.)


  • FREE shipping ($4 value)
  • FREE DVD ($15 value)

Look what you get!

  • Your three sets may include these popular sfarim: Shir Hashirim, Shaarei Teshuva, Orchos Tzadikim, Mesilas Yesharim, Cheshbon Hanefesh or Chovos Halevavos. 
  • Our choice. We will select three different Mussar sets for you. No requests/special accommodations can be considered.
  • You will receive a minimum of 60 shiurim depending on our selection.
  • Guaranteed: All disks 100% functional

Please note: 

  • As is. NO returns (unless a disk is faulty).
  • Some disks do not have a hard plastic case.
  • Limit one set per customer
  • Ships first class mail only. May ship separately from other items. Allow one week for processing.