The Hasmada Program

hasmada-logo-600x200.jpgListen to Rabbi Avigdor Miller lectures 10 minutes a day for 6 weeks or more.

Get free lectures -- up to 24, based on how much you listen.

Ready… set… go! Freebie #1

freebie-1-trimmed.pngChoose 6 MP3 singles from Use coupon code HASMADA and pay only $9, the cost of 3 lectures. The other 3 are free to keep, even if you don’t complete The Hasmada Program.*


Listen just 10 minutes a day, as many days as you can, for six weeks.


* This offer is only for people who are serious about trying the Hasmada Program; do not use this coupon code to get free downloads.


The finish line… and Freebie #2

freebie-2-tmr.pngAt the end of your 6-week listening streak, we will refund your $9 payment if you listened on 36 days or more.


You got 6 MP3s for free — and all you had to do is listen!


Ready for more? Freebie #3!

freebie-3-trm.pngListened every day? We’ll throw in another six lectures for free.


Now you’re up to 12 free lectures — just for listening everyday!


Don’t stop now! Freebie #4!!!

freebie-4.pngKeep going 30 more days and get another 12 lectures for free.


Now you’re up to 24 free lectures — just for listening ten minutes a day!

 Use coupon code HASMADA and start now


Why are we offering lectures for free?

To encourage you to make Rabbi Miller a part of your daily learning routine!


What’s the minimum daily commitment?

The minimum listening time is 10 minutes a day. If you are not 100% sure you listened for 10 minutes, you may be lenient.

What if I’m not sure I listened one day?

If you are not sure you listened on a particular day, you must be stringent. (We don't care if it's a halachic day or solar day.)

Do Gemara shiurim count for the listening streak?

For the purpose of your daily listening streak, you may count Rabbi Miller’s Thursday night, Mussar sfarim, or Yiddish vaad lectures. It’s OK to listen to a lecture more than once.

Can I restart my listening streak?

Pick a start date you can stick with. It doesn’t have to be the day of your purchase. No “restarts” unless there is a real emergency (e.g. you had to call Hatzalah). Offer expires 12 months after purchase.

What do I do on Shabbas and Yom Tov?

Listening “on Shabbas” means between erev Shabbas and motzei Shabbas. Same for Yom Tov.

Do I need Internet access to listen to the MP3s?

Internet access is required only to download your initial MP3 purchase. A unique email address is required.

How do I get my refund and bonus MP3s?

At the end of your Hasmada streak, send your refund and bonus request to Provide your original order number and the number of days you listened. You will receive a new coupon code for your bonus MP3s. (Please allow 7-10 days for processing.)


Use coupon code HASMADA and start now

The Hasmada Program works on the honor system. Please track your daily listening in a calendar or notepad. Questions? Email (no calls, please). The free MP3 offer is good as long as the coupon is accepted at


Download printable instructions


  Use coupon code HASMADA and start now