Set: Rabbi Miller "Classics"

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Set: Rabbi Miller "Classics"


Set of all Rabbi Miller's Classics (12 Sfarim) 

5 x Chumash Sfarim: The Beginning -- Breishis, A Nation is Born -- Shemos, A Kingdom of Cohanim -- Vayikra, Journey into Greatness -- Bamidbar, Fortunate nation -- Devarim
3 x Hashkafa Sfarim: Rejoice O Youth, Sing You Righteous, Awake My Glory
3 x History Sfarim: Exalted People, Torah Nation, Behold A People
1 x Tefila Sefer: Praise My Soul

(Note: Torah Nation and Behold A People are currently out of stock. They are expected to be back in print soon and will be shipped at no extra charge as soon as they are available.)


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