Emunah & Prayer

  • Know What to Answer (20 MP3 lectures)

    SHP Audio Set

    Know What to Answer (20 MP3 lectures)

    Set of 20 lectures debunking false beliefs and ideologies: 124 - At Mount Sinai 365 - A Light to the Nations 474 - Thanking for Torah 689 - At Sinai 930 - How We Came to Sinai E-141 - The Most Happy Day S015 - He Came Shining  You will receive...

  • Olam Haba (All 51 MP3's)

    SHP Audio Set

    Olam Haba (All 51 MP3's)

    The entire collection of lectures on the topic of Olam Haba, 51 mp3's.   These are the lectures the book Rav Avigdor Miller on Olam Haba (Judaica Press) was based on.   Lectures included: The World to Come (#33) Posing For Eternity (#54)...