Find a Gemach

  • A searchable list of our authorized gemachs is coming to this page soon.
  • You may also refer to this master list of gemachs where Rabbi Miller MP3s may be found. (This list is created and maintained by people like you. Please contribute to it if you can.)

Gemach Rules

  1. Borrow one USB at a time for up to two weeks. Return it to the same gemach you took it from.
  2. Please sign it out with your name, phone number/email, and loan dates
  3. During your loan, you may make unlimited copies of the MP3 files within your household. At the end, delete all the copies. The files are property of Rabbi Miller's yeshiva.
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Start a Gemach

Bring a Rabbi Miller Audio and Book Gemach to your shul or school
  • The cost to sponsor a Gemach is a one-time donation of $180. It comes with the right to name the gemach l'ilui nishmas or l'zechus a loved one.
  • Each Gemach will receive dozens of pre-loaded USBs with mp3 lectures and a complete set of Ohr Avigdor sfarim.
  • One volunteer is needed to maintain each gemach. (A couple hours per month should be enough.) The volunteer can promote the Gemach locally; help keep USBs and sfarim neat; and try to ensure USBs are returned and made available for others.

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Resources for existing Gemachs