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  • DVD: #583 Shemoneh Esreh

    SHP Audio Set

    DVD: #583 Shemoneh Esreh

    DVD-COMPLETE VIDEO SHIUR Thursday night lecture #583. Shmone Esreh 15, by Rabbi Avigdor Miller. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

  • Navigating the Ocean of Truth


    Navigating the Ocean of Truth

    NOW ON SALE AT UNDER HALF PRICE! A MUST For Rabbi Miller fans: Navigating the Ocean of Truth by Menachem Nerenberg An index of Rabbi Miller's 3 classic hashkafa texts: Rejoice, O Youth, Sing, Your Righteous,and Awake, My Glory...

    Was: $10.00
    Now: $9.00
  • Ohr Avigdor Mesillas Yesharim (vol. 1) Damaged/Clearance


    Ohr Avigdor Mesillas Yesharim (vol. 1) Damaged/Clearance

    You never learned Mesillas Yesharim... until you learned it the clear and vivid Ohr Avigdor way! Vol. 1  — Introduction through Chapter 5/Hakdama — Zehirus The ladder to holiness just got so much easier to climb. The Ohr Avigdor...

  • Ohr Avigdor Hakdama and Shaar Habechinah by Rabbi Avigdor Miller


    Ohr Avigdor Shaar Habechinah-Clearance/damaged

    The second volume of the amazing Ohr Avigdor series. Discover Hashem everywhere in the world around you... the miraculous workings of nature and the human body... explore the hidden power and potential of your own mind ... soar to new heights in...

  • SimchaMinute 2


    SimchaMinute 2

    SimchaMinute 2   Almost 100 new inspiring thoughts from the SimchaMinute daily email   Paperback, 3" x 4.5"; 108 pages.