​A long lost Rabbi Avigdor Miller Chanukah lecture — free at the new LivingWithHashem.com

A dusty box of old audio reels contained a delightful surprise for students of Rabbi Avigdor Miller: a long lost Chanukahshiur, never before available to the public.

Now it’s not only available, it’s free for all to hear at LivingWithHashem.com, the new web/email magazine from The Rabbi Avigdor Miller Legacy Library.

Living WIth HashemLiving With Hashem (LWH) offers daily inspiration from Rabbi Avigdor Miller and his talmidim, with new content six days a week.

According to Aryeh Zev Narrow, director of the Rabbi Avigdor Miller Legacy Library and executive editor of LWH, "Our readers are serious about growing in ruchnius and long to feel more connected to Hashem. Our new digital magazine offers them a few carefully selected thoughts each day.” It also features lighter reading like the quotation of the day, and excerpts from Rabbi Miller's famous questions-and-answers.

LWH focuses strongly on R' Miller's teachings, but about a third or more of the content is from other authors and speakers; "Anybody who can speak on the topic of Living With Hashem," Narrow suggests. Readers can look forward to articles from Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser, Rabbi Pinchos Jung, and Dr. David Lieberman, among others.

Narrow says LWH was made with the busy reader in mind. "We have learned from the popularity of our short SimchaMinute email. LWHarticles are purposely brief and can be enjoyed in about 5 minutes. But they make up in substance for what they lack in length,” he reflected.

Best of all, virtually ALL of LWH can be enjoyed without Internet; the free daily email includes all new content. (Alternatively, readers can opt for a short-format email and read the articles online.) For those who prefer to learn online, LWH website also hosts a subscribers area with 800 streaming lectures by Rabbi Miller, available for a low annual fee.

LWH is published by the editorial team of Simchas Hachaim Publishing, publisher of Rabbi Avigdor Miller's new sfarim, including the acclaimed Ohr Avigdor series on Chovos Halevavos. For the launch of LWH, the team has brought on world-class editing and writing talent from the frum world's finest publications.

Rabbi Avigdor Miller's LOST Chanuka Lecture

To celebrate the launch of LWH, the Rabbi Avigdor Miller Legacy has released Rabbi Miller’s lost Chanuka shiur for free at LivingWithHashem.com.

LivingWithHashem.com has launched this Chanukah. Enjoy LWH online at LivingWithHashem.com, send your sign-up request to subscribe@LivingWithHashem.com. For more information, contact the Rabbi Avigdor Miller Legacy at 718 258 7400 x103.

9th Dec 2015 AZ Narrow

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