Most Beautiful Nation


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Rabbi Avigdor Miller's Shir Hashirim lecture series

From the back cover:

In Shir Hashirim, King Solomon left to the Jewish people a treasure both enchanting and elusive. Beneath its oddly physical metaphor lies a deeply spiritual portrait of history’s most profound love: the love between Hashem and His Chosen People. Rabbi Avigdor Miller delighted in the sefer and quoted it frequently.

Most Beautiful Nation begins in the Holy of Holies and ends in the Garden of Eden. Along the way, Rabbi Miller takes you from the rivers of Bavel, to the shuls of New York's Lower East Side… from the Burning Bush at Sinai, to the ghettos of pre-war Europe… from the halls of Chizkiyahu’s palace, to the stores of Kings Highway, Brooklyn.

You encounter the impoverished Rabbi Akiva and his loyal wife Rachel, ride with the cavalry of Pharaoh, scale the peaks of emunah (faith), and greet Mashiach among the beggars of Rome. At each step of the journey, Rabbi Miller reveals more of the profound beauty hidden in King Solomon’s words.

Culled from Rabbi Avigdor Miller’s Shir Hashirim lecture series, Most Beautiful Nation is a vivid and uplifting story of love, loyalty and closeness to Hashem as only Rabbi Avigdor Miller could tell it. It is must-reading for all who take pride in being a member of Hashem's most beautiful nation.

Hard cover, 192 pages. 30% discount on a case (24) or more.

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  • 5
    Vintage Rabbi Miller, leaves you longing for more

    Posted by Miriam Samsonowitz on 11th Jul 2015

    I don't enjoy listening to tapes, but I love reading books, and now I can get Rabbi Miller's wisdom that was available in tape form finally in book form. I had decided I wanted to learn Shir Hashirim at home after Kabolos Shabbos every week. When I heard they came out with commentary by Rabbi Miller, I knew I had to get it. I had read Shir Hashirim with the commentary of Rav Yaakov of Lissa and Rav Ezriel Tauber. It was good. But it's a totally different experience learning the sefer with Rabbi Miller's comments. It comes alive. The meaning sinks in deep. I love his hard-hitting, no-hold-bars-the truth as it is text. Total inspiration to be a better Jew.

  • 5
    Path to a meaningful life

    Posted by Shmuel on 6th Jul 2015

    I don’t even know how to start describing this sefer whatever I’ll say will not be enough, every word in this sefer is gold, the way Rabbi Avigdor demonstrates life and our obligation is so colorful that you really feel like your heart & soul are moving, it sets the mind into a meaningful way of thinking. Every time I read it I see something new a chidush that I didn’t realize when I read it before, and every time I read even just a few pages of it I feel happiness for the next few days it just gives me simcha and appreciation for every minute that I live. This is based on Shir Hashirim, after Rabbi Avigdor takes you beautifully around the world with real sceneries every verse gets a new deep meaning, after reading this I’ve just been craving to say Shir Hashirim every week.

  • 5
    Another Gold Star Sefer

    Posted by Elimelech on 27th Mar 2015

    In his unique way, Rabbi Miller, Z"TL presents Shir HaShirim in a beautiful, clear and inviting manner.