Rabbi Avigdor Miller Speaks, vol. 2


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Rabbi Avigdor Miller Speaks, vol. 2

The high energy and uplifting spirit of a beloved Gadol lives on in this compilation of his superb addresses.

As in Volume One, this second volume of Rabbi Avigdor Miller's speeches--carefully annotated and faithfully rendered in print--shimmers with his unique style and wit. The logic and wisdom for which he was known in his lifetime pierce every page. This collection of meticulously prepared essays addresses issues relating to developing your character, gaining pleasure and happiness, and serving Hashem.

Deep in his understanding of the many challenges that face all of us, Rabbi Miller offers practical, straightforward advice and encouragement. Devotedly prepared by his disciple and grandson, Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen, this book will never fail to assure us that each day is a bright new beginning. We are inspired to live as Rabbi Miller did: Grab each day and make the most of it!