The Fragrance of Life: A Program for Endless Happiness


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The Fragrance Of Life: A Program for Endless Happiness Unleash your secret hidden happiness! There's a river of happiness inside you — a happiness you never knew you had! Allow Rabbi Avigdor Miller to open your eyes as only he can to the ocean of Hashem’s love and kindliness you are afloat in. Let him show you how to generate an overflowing joy that will prevent hard times from bringing you down — and even prevent them from happening altogether! Adapted from Rabbi Miller’s shiurim and writings, The Fragrance of Life is a complete program for happiness that trains you to generate your own inner happiness, anytime, anywhere: The thoughts happy people focus on to beat tough times  The secret source of all suffering — and how to defeat it Actions that make happiness a habit How to enjoy life's pleasures without abusing them Put the brakes on the emotional black hole that saps your power to be happy See simcha through the eyes of gedolim — dozens of stories and anecdotes! Simple thoughts that refocus you on your endless gifts from Hashem Discover true serenity by reconnecting with your Best Friend above   Hardcover, 310 pages. Limited time special: Get a second copy at 30% off! Expires March 31!