Coming Close to Hashem - 29 lectures

SHP Audio Set

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18. Longing to Come Close
67. We Wish to See     (1hr)
136. Alone With Him       1
166. Five Kinyanim
248. Clinging to the Sages
317. Benefit of Solitude
322. When the Shechina Comes Closest
396. Noach Found Favor
428. Solitude Versus togetherness
476. Seeking Hashem’s Favor
494. Walking In His Ways
495. The Nazir
596. Coming Close to Hashem
622. No Man Can See Me
704. Coming Closer
713. Close to Hashem       1
798. Finding Favor
805. Nearer to Hashem
882. All for Hashem
892. Aspects of Rosh Hashanah
918.To Come Close to Hashem
985. Lost Souls and Found Souls
E-29. Seeking Hashem: Three Ways
E-30. The Heart’s Deepest Desire
E-140. Clinging to Him
E-264. Close to Hashem      2
E-266. Alone With Him       2
E-29.  Seeking Hashem: 3 Ways
R58. Approaching Him
R65. Come With Me