Esther's Secret


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Esther's Secret by Rabbi Avigdor Miller — FREE e-book!

How the tznius of Esther saved Yisrael.


30 Page PDF. Free to share.

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    Posted by on 2nd Mar 2021


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    Esther's Secret

    Posted by Rafael Aryeh on 1st Mar 2021

    I miss the Rav. I lived in Brooklyn, listening to his tapes, yet NEVER formerly met him. READING ANYTHING HE almost like he is still here. AND BOY, DO WE EVER NEED HIS WORDS TODAY!

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    Wonderful Purim Insights

    Posted by Connie Ferney on 21st Mar 2017

    An excellent booklet, Rabbi Miller's fascinating insights on Esther enriched my Purim experience. I always find Rabbi Miller interesting and thought-provoking, and this little sefer is no exception. Highly recommended.

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    Very beautiful and enlightening

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Apr 2016

    Beautiful insights into the Book of Esther, and so generous of Simchas Hachaim to offer it as a free download. Thank you.

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    Understanding Purim with Rabbi Miller

    Posted by Sora Hamburger on 27th Mar 2016

    Made Esther so real and alive and the whole episode almost like current events. Extremely interesting and insightful, as only the Rav ztz"l can do.

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    Well written and insightful

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Mar 2016

    This E-Book was a pleasure to read! As always, the style of writing is superb and the message comes across clearly. The content is very deep, enlightening, and understandable all at the same time - and gives you an improved perspective on all that Tznius encompasses. I highly recommend that everyone reads this E-Book cover to cover!

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    Posted by Avrohom Bleich on 21st Mar 2016