Rabbi Avigdor Miller History Series -- 3 Volume Set

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Rabbi Avigdor Miller's legendary three volume history series

Complete Set

Behold A People

Israel's history is the record of G-d's conduct towards His beloved nation, and it should be studied in that spirit. With this in mind, the famous Rabbi Avigdor Miller zt"l gives us insight into the first 2000 years of the history of the world. Starting with the moment of creation and going through the ages up until the destruction of the First Temple, his precise and accurate depiction of our heritage make this book an integral link to our illustrious past. The first in a series.

Torah Nation

Rabbi Avigdor Miller's insights into the years of the history from after the destruction of the First Temple up until the destruction of the Second Temple. The second in a series.

Exalted People

Exalted People was the third in Rabbi Miller's series of Jewish history books (a sequel to Behold A People and Torah Nation). It traces the history of Israel and its sages from the destruction of the Second Temple through the sealing of the Talmud some 400 years later.