Rabbi Avigdor Miller SimchaPod - MP3 (Plus USB Flash Drive and Downloadable Links)


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Note: Apple has discontinued the iPod.

You can still get the SimchaPod with our kosher MP3 player (no video).


Treat yourself and your family to
the ALL NEW Rabbi Avigdor Miller


Say YES to the spiritual treat you’ve been dreaming about: the life-changing shiurim of Rabbi Avigdor Miller.

Join the one thousand four hundred SimchaPod owners who made the investment of a lifetime and treat yourself today to a radiant new life of emunah, bitachon, and deveikus in Hashem! It's a new Shabbos! A new Shemoneh Esreh! A glowing new Simchas Hachaim!



  • Love it or we buy it back! Get 180 days to love your SimchaPod!

  • Free shipping anywhere in the world. 

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Treat yourself to the entire collection:

  • 2,000 shiurim
  • The entire Thursday night lecture series… at your fingertips!
  • Six mussar sfarim, Rambam, Pirkei Avos and more
  • Kosher MP3 player and backup USB (included)

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  • Low monthly payments!
  • Pay from maaser!*Ask your rav.

SimchaPod owners speak:

“It’s like climbing into a bubble where I’m surrounded by ruchnius.”
“I drive a lot and I listen to a lot of shiurim. It has literally changed my life.”
“It constantly refocuses me on Hashem.”
“Tell everybody it’s the best investment in the world. It’s better than a car, better than a house. It’s cheap Olam Haba.”
“It’s like a playground for your neshama. I look at the list of shiurim and I literally don’t know where to dive in
“I’ve made changes in my life based on one listening of one shiur
“With a SimchaPod you can make Rabbi Miller’s teachings a daily part of your life. When you have that kind of
continuity you get a mindset. You find yourself thinking along those lines.”
“At the Shabbos table I always have something to say over based on what I heard from Rabbi Miller that week.”
“What it’s worth? It’s priceless. You can’t put a dollar amount on it.”
"The Simchapod doesn’t just affect the person who’s listening, it affects the whole mishpacha.”
“It will certainly have a positive effect on anyone who listens to it.”

** Screen shots are representative only. Actual MP3 device will differ.

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  • 5
    simcha pod

    Posted by aviva noeth on 11th Dec 2017

    it is truly a simcha to use!!

  • 5
    Life Changing!

    Posted by DV on 11th Jan 2017

    An absolute neccesity for anyone looking to grow and develop his connection to Hashem!

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Dec 2016

    Its amazing to have so many practical and inspiring shiurim from Rabbi Avigdor Miller tzl